Read at the Ravine


On Friday Night, IWC’s monthly event Takin’ the Mic came up to Belfast as part of the Belfast Book Festival. I was vaguely planning to go and watch, depending on how quickly I managed to flee the office. I wasn’t expecting to take part as all the open-mic slots were full, but I stuck myself onto the waiting list

However I got an email at the last minute to say that an open-mic spot had become available, which is how I ended up spending my  Friday evening steaming gently amongst giant ferns, trying feverishly to decide what to read whilst being distracted by other people’s excellent readings. In the end, I settled on Hope and Turf; there seemed to be something appropriate in talking about “wet fern and tree-breath” in such a place, even if the climate was a little different.

It was definitely a unique experience, to be surrounded by the plants and knowing that people are listening from above, though you can’t quite see them. I really enjoyed it – but if I ever get the chance to do anything in a giant greenhouse again, I think I will know to dress more appropriately…

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