Book Launch – The Bramley Anthology

A big hand to Byddi and Réamonn for all their hard work in putting this together, and to all the writers whose hard work is included. We were treated to some words and a tour of the building from the Lord Mayor, a chance to inspect the paintings of J.B. Vallely, and some readings from writers in the collection. There are some cracking stories, and I’m still pretty tickled to have two of my pieces included.

“The Bramley is a collection of Flash Fiction stories that cover an eclectic range of genre and subject. This diversity ensures something for everyone. Like a good Armagh Bramley apple, this collection is sharp yet tasty, combining bitter with sweet to tantalize and awaken the literary palate.”

We had a wonderful afternoon and managed to (mostly) behave ourselves, bannister sliding and debates over whether any of the paintings would be smugglable inside a large handbag notwithstanding.

You can get a paperback or Kindle copy on AmazonUK or on AmazonFr.




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