Book Review: Pathworking Through Poetry

This book goes beyond the apprehension some might feel at the mention of examining poetry, when of our schooldays may rise to haunt us. Fiona Tinker demonstrates how much more there can be to the written word, hidden in plain sight- if we just look for it. This book is written in clear, concise language that makes the ideas easily accessible, even to those with misgivings about literary analysis.

The way in which the author presents and guides the reader to begin exploring the texts is very well balanced. Enough background and context is supplied to help engage with the material whilst avoiding becoming sidetracked by things widely discussed elsewhere. The meanings and complexities of the poems chosen are not only explored, but also the beauty of the language itself, leading the reader to points of further exploration without becoming bogged down. I really enjoyed the selection of poets and works chosen to demonstrate as some were familiar but others were new to me.

Pathworking is to step off and explore our own experiences, and Tinker does an excellent job of guiding us to the threshold from whence we might find new inspiration and proceed by ourselves. Practical advice is given without straying into the realm of some kind of ” 101″, which leaves the reader with scope to find their own interpretation and fit in with their own practices.

This book is an excellent resource for Pagans of the Celtic persuasion and those interested in Pathworking. It has a wider scope however, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in accessing new ideas in their practice- or who is even a little bit interested in poetry.

Overall, Pathworking Through Poetry is a cracking book. My copy sits fondly dog-eared on my shelf and is a wonderful source of inspiration.

Pathworking Through Poetry @ Moon Books

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